The ACMOS Method is an approach aimed at gradually strengthening the body's capacities to maintain its energy balance by itself in the face of aggressions that it undergoes chronically or punctually. This Method helps us to identify the blockages often responsible for our physical, emotional or mental disturbances (fatigue, pain, illness, stress, etc.). Try this gentle, innovative, non-invasive and preventive technique that is suitable for all ages. Rediscover harmony, vitality, sleep, well-being ... without pain, without manipulation or side effect! 


Each ACMOS balance session or bian is personalized and lasts from 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes (see 2 hours for the first meeting). During the assessment, there is no manipulation whatsoever, no use of needles, and is carried out with respect for the individual. An ACMOS bioenergetic assessment takes place in four major stages:

  • The bio-field measurements and the state of the subject's energy circulation using measuring devices: Lecher antenna and bio-feedback tester in order to detect weaknesses in the body and mind, both in terms of energy and organic level.
  • Harmonization by exposing the body to some 300 harmonies of the ACMOS case to identify and correct all imbalances and disharmonies in the body. This stage makes it possible to know the origin of the disorders and the means of remedying them on the energy or organic level
  • Stimulation to restore the body's natural energy controls to ensure better use of its resources and thus better management of its vitality
  • Chromo-regulation to strengthen the body's natural elimination systems and strengthen the body's defense

Energy balance and Treatment

  • The elimination of blockages will allow vital energy to reach organs, regions and functions that were blocked and thus restore their vitality. This recovery presupposes the evacuation of toxic plugs; depending on the amount released, some fatigue and superficial reactions can be felt especially if the blockage is significant and old. Bottom problems can only be cleared by the surface and any outward signs of elimination confirm that the bottom is being regulated. The consequence of a first balance can be limited to very loaded urine which will confirm the elimination . 


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